Power Electronics UK

The Industry Leadership Group

Join us to take part in an innovative supply chain network, strengthening the domestic power electronics sector

Power Electronics UK

The Industry Leadership Group

Join us to take part in an innovative supply chain network, strengthening the domestic power electronics sector

Welcome to Power Electronics UK

PEUK is an independent industry body drawing together all relevant UK organisations and experts within the Power Electronics sector and is supported by TechWorks, the UK deep tech and semiconductor trade organisation.

Today, power electronics is a critical technology across many industry sectors: from Electric Vehicles and Smart-Grid to Renewable Energy and Net Zero and from Telecommunications and Space Systems to Consumer Electronics.

Why is our organisation so important right now?

Our objectives are to…

  • Be the go to voice of industry for Power Electronics in the UK
  • Be the hub for industry collaboration and connection with PEMD stakeholder organisations
  • Support and inform skills development
  • Enable business and investment opportunities
  • Support and inform industry and academic R&D

Now is the time to engage with Power Electronics UK

We aim to grow the UK power electronics industry through creativity, innovation and collaboration.


Power Electronics UK was first formed in 2012 and later led to UKRI’s Driving the Electric Revolution industry challenge programme.

Due to the significant growth in opportunities for power electronics machines and drives (PEMD) globally, many UK companies active in this wish to recreate an industry body focussed on this exiting sector and so we are launching a new iteration of Power Electronics UK as an independent UK body operating in the power electronics sector.


PEUK’s Mission

We formed PEUK with a clear mission to foster industry collaboration across the power electronics sector and with other PEMD organisations. We work with organisations such as NMI, DER, KTN, APC, ATI, CSAC, CPE, iMAPS UK, UKESF and government bodies such as DSIT, Innovate UK and EPSRC.

We aim to act as a focal point for Power Electronics in the UK and to provide a unified message to enable UK industry and government alike to navigate this increasingly complex sector and deliver maximum impact from investment. The UK has a significant opportunity to build on what already exists, creating new business and jobs in the UK and protecting our national security interests going forward.

Our PEUK community covers the complete end-to-end power electronics, drives and control systems across all application sectors: these systems include power semiconductor chips, sensors, interconnects, inductors, transformers, capacitors, dielectrics, mounting, packaging and thermal management.


The Power Electronics market in the UK

In the UK, we have always had a strong power electronics sector, and today there is a huge opportunity for UK industry to participate in an innovative global PEMD supply chain, strengthening our domestic sector.

The UK government recently published a semiconductor strategy for the UK, which focuses on compound semiconductor, advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration; all of which are highly relevant to power electronic systems.

Ready to find out more?

Please contact the PEUK Chair

Paul Taylor of Dynex Semiconductor Ltd