About Power Electronics UK

PowerelectronicsUK is an industry-led ‘voice’ of UK Power Electronics that aims to ensure that the UK is recognised as a world leader in Power Electronics creating jobs, and attracting investment.

Power Electronics is vital to the UK economy and its international competitiveness. This forum was launched as a direct result of the influential strategy document ‘Power Electronics: A Strategy for Success’ which was developed with input from Innovate UK, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
PowerelectronicsUK does not have a P&L.  It is facilitated by NMI on behalf of the broad community, and is primarily dependent on workshop and meeting participation from industry leaders who are passionate in growing this already successful sector.

Our current main activities are a business/technology mapping exercise for UK Powerelectronics (currently at the  Green Paper consultation stage) and The Power Electronics Capability Directory which has details on over 100 organisations within the UK Power Electronics Supply Chain.

If you would like to find out more about PowerelectronicsUK and would like to participate, please register here. If you are a company with UK Power Electronics investment and know-how, you can also indicate if you would like to be added to the capability directory, which is free of charge.

Green Paper and Consultation “Prioritisation of Enabling Technologies for Power Electronics to Enable UK Industry to Capitalise on Market Opportunities” launched 17th November 2014 and consultation to be held until 23rd January 2015.  To view this report, please Register